180 Degrees or Less, LLC - Won't get paid! Scam!!

Pontiac, Michigan 2 comments

This company claims to be a Christian Based Life Skills Workshop business.180 Degrees or Less, LLC has nothing ready to supply the churches they are selling to and have nothing to give their employees who have worked for them.

Promises are made to both customers and employees which cannot not be met. The owner has been involved in several online ventures to earn a "quick buck" as well as working for companies who are notorius for scamming customers. This owner has also had issues with the law and hipocritical behavior which goes against the so called mission of this present venture. Very dissappointed with everything involved with this company.

I truly hope that this company will get their act together and see what the true vision they advertise really is and follow through.There are several companies out there that truly want to help people and I suggest you research them so your needs can be truly met.



Does this mean that you are NOT the Tim Bonter who offered the money-making opportunity to distribute energy drinks and/or worked for Vericomm, the notorious credit card processing scammers? Or perhaps "Brad" is spot-on with his accusations?


I was made aware of this post and feel I need to respond.I am the founder of 180 Degrees or Less, LLC.

The post was made by a disgruntled manager who I had to let go because his behavior was anything but Christian. We have had a few emails back and forth and I let him know why I had no choice but to let him go. It was all character issues, and I take responsibility for not doing thorough background checks prior to hiring him. If you have any questions regarding his accusations I have no problem discussing each of them with you, however I will not get into a battle of words with him over the internet.

People can put anything they wish on an internet site with no proof of claim, and his accusations are unfounded.If it means anything Brad, I feel very bad about letting you go, but you really left me no other choice.

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